Get Started with JustMarkets 120% Deposit Bonus Now

Gxmarkets | Get Started with JustMarkets 120% Deposit Bonus Now

Get ready to maximize your trading potential with JustMarkets 120% Deposit Bonus. Learn how you can take advantage of this exciting offer and boost your trading capital today.

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In an era where maximizing investment returns is crucial for traders, the JustMarkets 120% deposit bonus stands out as a remarkable opportunity to enhance trading volumes and potential profits. This exceptional offer aims to provide traders with an additional edge in the competitive forex market, empowering them to leverage more significant positions and explore new strategies with an increased capital base. The significance of such a generous deposit bonus cannot be overstated, as it directly contributes to a trader’s ability to weather market volatility and capitalize on trading opportunities with enhanced financial flexibility.

This article will delve into the JustMarkets deposit bonus, outlining how traders can claim this bonus, the myriad benefits it offers, and the critical terms and conditions associated with it. By providing a comprehensive overview, potential and existing JustMarkets clients will be equipped with all the necessary information to unlock and make the most out of this lucrative opportunity. Whether you are new to JustMarkets or a seasoned client, understanding the ins and outs of the JustMarkets bonus, including the justforex deposit bonus and the various aspects of just market deposit incentives, will prove indispensable in optimizing your trading journey.

What is the JustMarkets 120% Deposit Bonus?

Overview of the Promotion

The JustMarkets 120% Deposit Bonus is a significant incentive for traders, offering a substantial boost to their trading capital. This promotion is available to all Standard cent, Standard, and Pro account clients who can receive a 50% bonus on every deposit of $10 or more. The promotion period is set from February 26, 2024, to May 31, 2025/2026, during which traders can benefit from unlimited deposits and bonus amounts 

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the JustMarkets 120% Deposit Bonus, clients must register a Pro or Standard account and ensure a minimum deposit of $500. It is crucial to select the “Get a Deposit Bonus” option in the deposit form, accept the “Deposit Bonus rules,” and then proceed with the deposit. The bonus funds are credited to the trading account and can be used as additional margin for trading However, the bonus does not apply to internal transfers between the client’s accounts 

How to Claim Your Bonus

Step-by-step guide

To unlock the JustMarkets 120% deposit bonus and make your trading experience even more rewarding, clients must first navigate to the deposit section in their Personal Area. Here, they should mark the option “Get a Bonus on Deposit” on the deposit form. It is crucial to read and accept the “Deposit Bonus rules” before clicking the “Deposit” button.

Verification process

The verification process is vital for the safety and security of client funds and to ensure eligibility for the JustMarkets deposit bonus. Clients should log into their Personal Area and proceed to the “Profile” menu where they can click on the “Verification” tab. All required personal details must be provided before moving forward. The process involves three key steps: Profile Information, Identity Verification, and Address of Residence Verification. Clients need to provide a clear photo of their identity document and a proof of residence document that matches the provided address. The verification process may take up to 24 hours, and clients will receive email notifications upon successful document verification, granting them unlimited deposit and withdrawal limits.

Benefits of the JustMarkets 120% Deposit Bonus

Increased Trading Capital

The JustMarkets 120% Deposit Bonus significantly enhances traders’ capital, allowing them to operate with increased leverage and take on larger positions. By depositing a minimum of $500, traders can receive a bonus that effectively doubles their trading capacity, providing a robust foundation for executing more substantial and potentially more profitable trades.

Potential for Higher Profits

With the JustMarkets 120% deposit bonus, traders have the opportunity to amplify their earnings. The bonus structure is designed to cater to all levels of traders, ensuring that each deposit is rewarded, thus giving traders greater flexibility and the potential for higher profits. This arrangement not only supports traders in maximizing their trading strategies but also in achieving their financial goals more swiftly.

Terms and Conditions

Wagering Requirements

To make the JustMarkets 120% deposit bonus available for withdrawal, clients must trade a total volume of 2.5 lots. This requirement must be met within 15 calendar days from the receipt of the bonus funds; failure to do so will result in the full cancellation of the bonus 7. Additionally, the maximum period to trade the required volume extends to 90 calendar days from the account deposit date. If the trading conditions are not met within this timeframe, the bonus will be canceled.

Withdrawal Limits

While the bonus is active, only the profits earned on the bonus funds can be withdrawn. To withdraw the deposited funds participating in the promotion, the bonus must be canceled in the “Status” column on the “Received Bonuses” page in the Personal Area. Once the trading conditions are satisfied, the bonus will automatically transfer from the “Credit” field to the “Balance” field within 1 to 2 hours, making the funds available for further trading or withdrawal.


Unlocking the generous 120% deposit bonus with JustMarkets marks a strategic approach to making your trading experience notably more rewarding. From enhancing your trading capital to offering a substantial lift to your potential profit margins, this bonus empowers both new and seasoned traders alike to explore the competitive edges of forex trading with an expanded financial arsenal. It serves as a testament to JustMarkets’ commitment to providing value beyond mere trading, by embedding incentives that align closely with traders’ success and financial growth.

The carefully designed structure of this bonus, coupled with the outlined terms and conditions, underscores the importance of understanding and leveraging promotional offers responsibly. By optimizing this opportunity, traders are set to navigate the volatile waves of the forex market with increased confidence and a bolstered capacity for achieving their trading goals. Encouraging a deeper dive into strategic trading while acknowledging the critical need for adherence to the promotion’s stipulations, the JustMarkets 120% deposit bonus stands as a catalyst for enhanced trading endeavors, promising an enriched trading journey ahead.


1. How can I receive a bonus from JustMarkets?
To obtain a bonus from JustMarkets, you must select the “Get a Deposit Bonus” option in the deposit form within your Personal Area, agree to the “Deposit Bonus rules,” and then proceed by clicking the “Deposit” button. Note that bonuses are not applicable to internal transfers between your own accounts.

2. What is the required minimum deposit to trade on JustMarkets?
The minimum deposit required to begin trading varies by account type. For Standard and Standard Cent accounts, you need at least $1, while Pro and Raw Spread accounts require a minimum of $100. Additionally, the minimum deposit might vary depending on the payment method you choose.

3. Is it possible to withdraw profits earned using a JustMarkets bonus?
Yes, you can withdraw profits made from a JustMarkets bonus at any time. However, to lift the withdrawal restrictions on deposited funds involved in the promotion, you must cancel the bonus in the “Status” column on the “Received Bonuses” page in your Personal Area.

4. Which broker offers the best no deposit bonus?
As of 2024, the best no-deposit bonus forex brokers include:

  • Tickmill, recognized for the best overall no-deposit bonus.
  • XM, known for the best online and mobile trading experience.
  • JustMarkets, which offers a $30 welcome bonus for first-time traders.
  • Kaje Forex, providing multiple Forex options along with a $30 welcome bonus.

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Gxmarkets | Get Started with JustMarkets 120% Deposit Bonus Now
Minimum Deposit $100, Leverage up to 1:3000, Broker: STP/ECN
Gxmarkets | Get Started with JustMarkets 120% Deposit Bonus Now
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Gxmarkets | Get Started with JustMarkets 120% Deposit Bonus Now
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Gxmarkets | Get Started with JustMarkets 120% Deposit Bonus Now
Minimum Deposit $10, Leverage up to 1:3000, Broker: STP/ECN

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Gxmarkets | Get Started with JustMarkets 120% Deposit Bonus Now
Gxmarkets | Get Started with JustMarkets 120% Deposit Bonus Now
Gxmarkets | Get Started with JustMarkets 120% Deposit Bonus Now
Gxmarkets | Get Started with JustMarkets 120% Deposit Bonus Now